Artesian Spring Water: Everything You Need To Know

Artesian Spring Water is the purest form of drinking water. Most people give little thought to what goes into making safe drinking water. Where does the water come from? How is it processed?

Some bottled water companies use municipal water, treat it with chemicals, and pass it off as something else entirely.

Paradiso Water Co. uses the best artesian water Oklahoma has to offer. We source our water from the Central Oklahoma Aquifer in Norman, Oklahoma.

Paradiso never uses municipal water. Our water comes from the Earth and is never treated with chemicals. Instead, we use a natural reverse osmosis and ozonation process that purifies our water, removes particles, and imparts a crisp, refreshing taste.

What is an artesian spring?

An artesian spring is an area where water naturally flows to the surface without the help of a pump.

As it flows to the surface, it goes through a series of porous surfaces like rocks, sand, gravel, or even soil.

The result is naturally filtered water with a unique taste unlike any other water on Earth.

Artesian Spring Water

Is artesian spring water good for you?

Yes! Artesian spring water is good for you. Thanks to the natural filtering process of the aquifer, beneficial minerals are prevalent in artesian spring water, like potassium and magnesium.

Artesian spring water has a good balance of beneficial minerals and nutrients. It doesn’t need chemical treatment to achieve this. Artesian spring water has it naturally! 

What is so special about artesian spring water? 

There are some unique benefits to artesian spring water. It can:

  • Rejuvenate and rehydrate your skin
  • Detox your lymphatic system
  • Help with poor circulation
  • Help provide relief to skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Artesian Water vs. Spring Water

While artesian and spring water are quite similar, there are some notable differences.

All artesian wells are spring wells. But not all spring wells are artesian. 

Artesian water will naturally rise above the level of the water table from high pressure. This usually happens from tapping into an aquifer, like the Central Oklahoma Aquifer. If the pressure is high enough for the water to reach the surface, then it qualifies as artesian!

Springs are places where groundwater emerges onto the surface.

Artesian Spring Water

How do artesian springs form? 

Artesian springs form when the pressure inside a groundwater aquifer is greater than the pressure at ground level.

Of course, the water cannot flow straight through rock. Instead, it has to find weak points: cracks in rocks and porous substances like soil or clay.

Aquifers, where artesian water comes from, are the natural collection of water runoff and rainwater that doesn’t evaporate to the surface. The water flows underground, where it can’t evaporate. Once enough water is collected, the surrounding soil becomes saturated and cannot absorb more water. So, it collects and forms an aquifer.

Why choose artesian spring water?

Artesian spring water from Paradiso Water Co. is the best water Oklahoma has to offer.

When you buy from Paradiso, you get water sourced from your local community! Not water shipped in from thousands of miles away.

It’s also not municipal water, which mostly comes from bacteria-ridden surface level sources and is treated with chemicals for cleaning.

Artesian water is treated with natural processes like ozonation and reverse osmosis resulting in a crisp, fresh taste.

If you’re interested in bringing some local artesian water to your office or home, consider Paradiso Water Co!

Paradiso Water Co. brings the purest, best tasting spring water from a protected artesian aquifer in Oklahoma, providing water delivery services and custom water bottle labels with a great selection of water bottles made with durable PET plastic. Paradiso serves the Norman community as well as the Oklahoma City metro. Contact us for the best tasting water with custom water bottles made just for you.

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