How to Make Custom Water Bottle Labels

So, you want to know how to make custom water bottle labels. Great! You’ve come to the right place. Paradiso Water Co. offers endless options for custom water bottle labels and a variety of bottle sizes and shapes. From weddings to sponsored events, we make it easy to upload your company logo or build one from scratch. Here at Paradiso, we found what you need to know before creating a custom water bottle label. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to give us a call or contact us through our website!

how to make custom water bottle labels

Pick your bottle before you make your label

Your label design depends on your bottle. Water bottles come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. In fact, there is no standard water bottle.
A twelve-ounce bottle can be tall and skinny, short and stout, and everything in between while still holding the same water volume.
Decide on your bottle before moving on to the label.

Reasons Why You Might Need a Custom Water Bottle Label

Custom water bottle labels are great for many occasions and entities. Promotional water serves many purposes and fits in a variety of event settings. 

Custom Water Bottle Labels for Business

A business has much to gain from a custom water bottle label. While social media can promote your brand digitally, a custom water bottle label can take your business across the country in the palm of someone’s hand. A great label design is sure to spark a conversation.

custom water bottle labels and custom water bottle

Custom Wedding Water

A custom water bottle label is a fantastic way to commemorate the big day. Everyone will need water at your wedding. So make it a little more special by making a custom label! It is a tasteful and elegant way to add a more personal touch to the special day.

custom wedding water example

Special Events

Custom water bottles and water bottle labels significantly improve sports competitions, conventions, trade shows, and other special events. In addition, they’re an excellent amenity for attendees and spread the word about the event!

Water Bottle Fundraisers for Schools

Water bottles are affordable for many. Fundraising with water bottles is a fun way to show support, and because our bottles are custom printed with your logo, mascot, or artwork, they are more personal–and easier to sell. 

how to make custom water labels

What makes Paradiso’s custom water bottle labels different?

Our Printing Quality and Design

Paradiso’s label design process makes it easy for you to build your custom label. We offer different shapes, colors, and even some templates to work off or give you some inspiration. Of course, if you already have an existing logo, that’s great too. We can even show you a preview of how it would look on the bottle. Not sure what you want for your custom label? No problem! We’re happy to work with you to make the perfect label for your needs.

Our Water

While most custom label orders come with just the labels, Paradiso takes it a step further. You have the choice to buy Paradiso water with your custom water bottle label. Paradiso’s water comes from the Central Oklahoma Aquifer in Norman, OK. After a reverse osmosis and ozonation process, the result is great-tasting, natural artesian water that’s the best Oklahoma can offer. Give your guests, patrons, or visitors the great water they deserve by using Paradiso water!

artesian best tasting spring water

Our Bottles

Our bottles are the perfect pairing to custom labels. You can get creative with bottle design. We have assorted sizes and shapes. In addition, there are options for the bottle cap, including a traditional twist-off and a resealable sports cap like you would see on a Gatorade bottle.

Our bottles also come in different colors! A customer favorite is our exclusive Paradiso Blue. This bottle, exclusively found at Paradiso, is an exquisite wine-shaped bottle with a long-stemmed neck and wide base. At Paradiso, your bottle can be as creative as your label!

In addition to creative possibilities, our bottles are made with low TDS and PET plastic that doesn’t contaminate our quality water. This material ensures our water always stays fresh, from bottling to the palm of your hand.


Why do I need custom water bottle labels?

A custom water bottle label is an affordable and helpful marketing tool that promotes word-of-mouth advertising. Some marketing campaigns cost thousands of dollars. Custom water bottle labels are much more affordable and can physically connect your brand with someone.

Water bottles are also useful. Unfortunately, even though most marketing tactics include informing or educating, it isn’t easy to see the value a consumer gets out of it. But everyone needs water. With your name or logo on the label, you can essentially give someone the gift of water! You aren’t trying to sell them anything or annoy them with marketing materials. You’re just giving them water. This exchange creates a friendly interaction between your brand and the consumer, which is more likely to lead to future business.

In Conclusion

There are lots to consider when it comes to custom water bottle labels.

Bottle Size and Shape

Make sure you have picked out your desired bottle shape and size before designing your bottle label. Smaller bottles mean smaller labels, which gives you less room for a logo or name.

What You Are Using It For

Do you want to promote your business? Do you wish to commemorate the big day? How do you want your brand or event represented?
Your water bottle label design depends on your answer to these questions. Weddings love our exclusive Paradiso Blue wine bottle design. Of course, it varies for businesses, but you can never go wrong with a simple bottle and clean logo label.

Can’t decide? Give Paradiso a call or visit the rest of our website, and we’ll be happy to help you make the perfect water bottle label.

Follow our social media for more ideas and custom water bottle examples. 

Paradiso Water Co. brings the purest, best tasting spring water from a protected artesian aquifer in Oklahoma, providing water delivery services and custom water bottle labels with a great selection of water bottles made with durable PET plastic. Paradiso serves the Norman community as well as the Oklahoma City metro. Contact us for the best tasting water with custom water bottles made just for you. 

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