Customizable Water Bottle Labels

High-Quality Customized Labels

Looking for Custom Label Water Bottles? When you work with Paradiso Water Co. to create a personalized label for your bottle, it becomes entirely yours. We use the highest quality of materials and recycled PET plastic to create the perfect look to fit your needs.

Use your logo, pictures, slogans, color scheme, and anything else to customize the entire label. The only information required on your label is the size, nutritional information, and a recycling symbol. Barcoding could also be used. Order now and get customized labels at the best price.

At Your Convenience

When making custom label water bottles, you can choose from a variety of bottle sizes, colors, caps, design your own label with the touch of a button. Our team is happy to deliver your custom bottles to your local office or event or arrange freight for those orders that are not in our delivery area.

Purest Form of Water

For nearly 20 years, Paradiso Water Co. Water has sourced the best water. We draw directly from our protected artesian aquifer to ensure our clients receive the purest form of water available, never adding anything back in for flavor.


Beyond corporate advertising, we work with a wide variety of clients for custom labeling. Custom labeled bottled water is an elegant choice for weddings, birthday parties, bridal showers, and other special events. Our designers can work with you to create the perfect addition to your event’s theme and color palette.

We offer:

  • 8oz – 72 cases per pallet
  • 12oz – 60 cases per pallet
  • 16oz – 60 cases per pallet
  • 18oz – 40 cases per pallet
  • 20oz – 48 cases per pallet
  • 1 pallet minimum order

Custom Label Water Bottles FAQ

We use the highest quality materials and recycled PET plastic to create the perfect look to fit your needs here at Paradiso Water Co.

We don’t use flimsy paper labels that you can rip off. Instead, we print labels directly onto the bottle, creating a lasting look

Yes! We offer various bottle colors, including clear plastic, that you can choose from to put your custom bottle label on.

Our favorite is Paradiso Blue, our exclusive wine-bottle-shaped water bottle with an elegant royal blue color. No one else makes this kind of water bottle.

Almost any photo editing software can get the job done. If you need assistance, though, give us a call. Our design experts would be happy to help you make the perfect custom label water bottles!

It depends. If you intend to produce only a handful of bottle labels, it will be cheaper to print them yourself.

But if you’re trying to cater for a whole business event or wedding, for example, it’s undoubtedly more time and cost-effective to have them mass-produced.

So, please leave it to us to handle your bulk label-making needs for custom label water bottles!

First, you submit your design to us, or we work together to design your label. Then, we upload the design into our bottle label software, showing us what your design will look like in real life.

Together, we decide if any changes need making or if we are good to go.

Then, we print. At Paradiso, we have the machines and technology to print our labels and attach them to bottles in-house.

The entire processor making custom label water bottles, from design, printing, and attaching, happens in one place: Paradiso Water Co.

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